Slot Overview – Looney Pop

Pop music lovers, here’s another one for you, courtesy of the innovative minds at AvatarUX. Perhaps because of the name, LooneyPop, we had a hard time understanding what was going on at first. LooneyPop’s quirky premise, though, might appeal to devotees of cartoon science fiction. In addition to its cartoon characters and antics, LooneyPop has free spins with a pre-feature gamble choice, a Zap Reel that may introduce modifiers into the action, and, of course, stacks of poppin’.

One possible reading of the ambiguity presented by LooneyPop involves a planet under attack by aliens, complete with flying saucers, and a scientist on a mission to find the breakthrough that would save Earth. Not just because of the characters, but also because of a general not taking itself too seriously, attitude, and hilarious features, the 1996 film Mars Attacks! sprang to mind. Of course, we might be completely incorrect, and you’re welcome to make up your own version of events. Whatever is going on, it appears to be a good time, since the arena has been created and animated well, giving it yet another pleasurable PopWins experience.

LooneyPop is playable on any device and has a dynamic 5-reel game grid that expands from 3 rows high at the start of the main game spin to 6 high or 9 high during free spins. It’s a very unpredictable slot machine with several strategies that may be used to get a 96% RTP. Bets range from as little as 20 p/c up to a maximum of £/€40, giving players a wide range of options and a potentially lucrative payout.

To win, symbols must land on at least three consecutive reels, either left to right or right to left. Since the grid awards wins in both directions, players have a minimum of 486 ways to win, with a maximum of 118,098 when using all 9 rows. Values range from low (9 to ace) to high (dynamite bundle, rocket launcher, bomb, beautiful woman, tough guy, scientist, extraterrestrial). A victory with five of a type pays between 0.2 and 0.6 times the wager, whereas other wins pay between 1 and 1.5 times the wager. In this game, wild cards are not an option.

Looney Pop: The Slot’s Special Extras

This is how the PopWins feature operates. Each time you win, a symbol is taken from the board and two new symbols are added, making the reel bigger. This procedure continues until there are no more wins, albeit in the regular game the reels can be no more than six spots high and in the free spins bonus round they can be up to nine positions high. After a successful PopWins run, the reels will reset to a three-high starting position.

Zoom Reel

The Zap Reel, a three-cell bar, is located above the grid. The Zap Reel will show the current spin’s active Feature Rewards whenever it is spun. This might include:

Values for the multiplier might be 2, 3, 5, or 10. When employed in sets of two or more, multipliers have a multiplicative effect. Any winning combination on the Zap Reel is multiplied by the Multiplier Reward, and any subsequent winnings are also multiplied.

When a sign is split, it can produce up to five duplicates at once.

The winning symbol expands to fill the entire reel if it is part of a winning combination that includes the symbol below the Expanding Rewards.

Symbols on two adjacent reels in the main game are synchronized so that they appear at the same time. The free spins bonus is activated by matching symbols on three consecutive reels.

Bonus Turns

In the standard game, free spins are triggered when all five reels have climbed six positions. Each free spin begins with the grid 6 symbols high and resets to the lowest reel height during the feature. If the player gets a 9 on every reel, they get an extra 2 free games. The player will now receive 6 free spins, with the option to wager for extra on the Wacky wager Wheel. The highest number of free spins you may win in this game is 18, but remember that any money you risk in a bad bet is gone forever.

Freebie Get

There are three supplementary purchase options available from LooneyPop. The Boom Bonus awards 6 free spins and the chance for 2 synchronized reels, awarding 125x the wager. The second, for 125x the wager, is the Wacky Gamble Wheel, which may reward up to 18 free spins (or zero), and the third, for 500x the bet, is the Maxi Boomy Bonus, which grants 12 free spins during which up to three reels can be synchronized.

The Looney Pop: Slot Conclusion

It’s human nature to want to classify everything into neat little piles that can be easily compared and contrasted with one another. In fact, PopWins is becoming so popular that it is quickly becoming its own subset of online slot games. Each one showcases the power of the pop by focusing on a particular topic and feature set. Then LooneyPop appeared, a genre that at first glance seemed to borrow elements from many other sources (a gunslinger, explosives, and a Jessica Rabbit–like figure, for example). However, the topic of an extraterrestrial invasion from a b-movie science fiction experiment quickly emerged. Up until that point, we had little choice but to give in to LooneyPop’s peculiar allure and go with the flow.

We ended up on another enjoyable PopWins journey that ran smoothly and had great animation. LooneyPop’s Zap Reel, which drops in symbol splits, multipliers, and synched reels, is one of the game’s defining features and may or may not have been influenced by Nolimit City’s Enhancer Cells idea. Multipliers deserve kudos since, despite the fact that only three can appear on the screen at once, they multiply rather than add to each other to boost victories. In addition to the pay-both-ways structure, synced reels are a nice touch, and symbol splits are the icing on the cake. Unlike several PopWins games, LooneyPop does not have a growing multiplier, but it may still provide wins of up to 50,000 times the initial wager.

Another fun PopWins slot machine is no more. LooneyPop may not be the best PopWins game, but it’s a fun pick thanks to its unique concept, slick gameplay, and potentially large payouts; furthermore, the Zap Reel helps it stand out from the crowd.