An Outline of Reactoonz 2

The successor to one of Play’n GO’s best-ever grid slots, Reactoonz 2 features everyone’s favorite googly-eyed goons. There was a lot of excitement for the sequel because the first one was such a hit. Even if the adjustments aren’t enormous at first glance, they’re adequate to distinguish between the two games. The modifiers have been shuffled about, and wildcards now have some new tricks in their sleeve. The frantic action and likeable characters from the previous movie remain at the film’s core. Is it an improvement or a downgrade? Let’s check it out.

The initial impression is comfortingly familiar. Reactoonz 2 has the same 7×7 aspect ratio, but the background is now a fairly bland blue, and the music is much faster. The screen’s right side has been modified, though. Two new and exciting meters/charge zones have been added, both of which become active as a result of a string of cluster victories. Play’n GO has taken the approach of “give em the same, but a bit more” in terms of the design.

Bets on Reactoonz 2 can be anywhere from 20 percent up to $100 or €100 every spin, regardless of the device being used to play. The numbers are close to what we saw with Reactoonz, however the RTP has dropped to 96.2% by default. One of the features is that the level of volatility is still high (8/10), giving gamers access to a mathematical model that is as well-tuned to the original.

The normal symbols on the paytable, which consist of 8 gents, are back for another performance. The signs may be divided into two categories: those with one eye and those with two. When five or more identical symbols line up horizontally or vertically, the cascade function is activated and the player receives a payout. The best conceivable combinations are clusters of 15 or more, paying off anywhere from 3x to 500x the investment. Even the greatest premium has decreased in value.

The remaining four icons all function as wilds, albeit their powers differ. The uncharged wild is the least desired option. These wilds are only active on cascades and cannot create winning combinations on their own. Wild Pair Explosion or proximity to a winning combination might cause them to morph into electrified wilds. Other wilds can replace any pay sign; this will be discussed in the next section.

Featured in Reactoonz 2

This may not make much sense at first, but the idea is simple: complete clusters of wins to fill charge meters and release more powerful bonuses. Let’s examine the specifics.

The cascade function is the key to everything. After a victory, the winning cluster is discarded to make room for new symbols. The cascades will keep going off and filling up the meters until there are no more winners.

One of the one-eyed symbols will change appearance after each spin. If a symbol that is subject to fluctuations is the winner, the Fluctometer will fill up and an electric wild will emerge in one of the empty places. The addition of 1-3 electric wilds to the grid occurs when this meter reaches its maximum capacity. The Fluctometer can be recharged several times, but stops working if the Gargantoon is set free.

Wilds may zap Reactoonz and can stand in for other pay symbols. The Quantumeter registers a charge for any non-wild symbols that are erased by the electric wild. One fee is associated with each symbol. If an Energoon is released, the Quantumeter will keep charging, but releasing a Gargantoon will deactivate it. To advance from Level 1 to Level 2 to Level 3 to Level 4 you must collect 55, 85, 110, or 135 charges. A new wild is unlocked at each level:

At Energoon Level 1, four 1×1 wilds are released.

A single 2×2 Energoon wild is released at Level 2.

One 3×3 Gargantoon wild is released at Level 3.

In Level 4, the Gargantoon wilds double every win they contribute to.

A 3×3 Gargantoon will split into two 2×2 Gargantoon wilds after starting a cascade. The cascade they start is continued by nine identical 1×1 Gargantoon wilds.

Hold on, we’re not through here yet. The Wild Pair Explosion function is activated after all other features have concluded and there are still two or more Electric wilds visible. All symbols except wilds are erased from the board if there are two electric wilds next to each other. If there aren’t any neighboring wilds, any non-wild symbols between them and in their immediate vicinity will be erased. Any payouts for erased symbols are offset by a charge to the Quantumeter.

Verdict / Reactoonz 2

It’s a fair bet that players who like Play’n GO’s first Reactoonz slot or who are lovers of grid slots will enjoy the sequel. You’re better off just firing up Reactoonz 2 and giving it a go than reading the rules, which may only serve to further confuse you. Again, as time passes, the cumulative effects of successive cluster victories become more striking. The four-tiered Quantumeter has to be charged with electric wilds this time around. The more tiers there are, the better things get. Take the demo for a spin, and everything will become evident.

Although hardly a radical departure, Reactoonz 2 does feel different from its predecessor. The maximum potential is now 5,083 times the investment, up from its previous level. Not a huge improvement over the original, but still a great triumph if the animals can perform to that standard. The game’s focus on its charming creatures remains unchanged. The hilarity of their shimmying and shaking when struck by lightning guarantees that the sequel will be just as endearing as the first. More importantly, after you figure out what the heck is going on, the gameplay in Reactoonz 2 is just as interesting as the first game.

Overall, Reactoonz 2 is as insane as its predecessor. It’s like setting off a whole barrage of fireworks as features begin to activate. While a decent sequel, Reactoonz 2 isn’t expected to be as successful as Play’n GO’s first Reactoonz slot. It’s a little too similar to the original to create quite the same tidal wave of an impact, but it’s still a ton of fun to play.